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Over the New Year Writing & Editing Rainbow

10 Jan


This is where I spent the afternoon of New years Day 2013 – Loughcrew, Co. Meath. I needed some inspiration to push me through the phase II editing on my novel’s manuscript. It had been a tough few weeks and I was experiencing some sort of ‘creativity block’.

I needed to see clearly and far into the distance, so I climbing to the top of the old megalithic passage grave at Loughcrew – which is over 5,000 years old. Far below me, the beautiful Meath countryside swept around for miles and miles from the breathtaking 360 degree view point. The wind swiftly grabbed the cobwebs from my head and the awe-inspiring view opened my mind and eyes into the distance, shifting my internal visual perspective.

I just wasn’t expecting to see this beautiful inspirational rainbow in the untouchable distance! I managed to capture it on camera before it lost its tenuous grasp on the January air and faded away into the misty afternoon. I couldn’t have wished for better.

I returned home that evening invigorated and refreshed – and totally enchanted by the rainbow. It was the perfect ray of hope to encourage me to keep going, to get over the hurdles I had hit with my writing and to have trust in what I was doing.

I rejigged my writing timetable, clearly setting out the targets I needed to achieve in the coming weeks. And guess what, it worked. I have completed my plot and scene restructure, editing all my scenes into a more compelling story so that they drive my plot and characters forward. Let the stage II rewriting begin.

Thank you for the inspiration Mother Nature!


Stranger than Fiction

23 Apr


Writing fiction based on true events? I spent most of late last night and today researching this issue and to my absolute relief I found this very interesting post entitled “Could I be Liable for Libel in Fiction?”on the blog Rights of Writers.

I was fraught with worry in relation to aspects of novel writing that I didn’t really understand, considering this is my first venture into writing – that of libel, defamation or other scary legal words I had stumbled across in relation to writing about real persons or events.  Despite my fiction novel being based on true events and real people, it contains no falsities, malice or ill-will towards any of the main characters (well, apart from myself perhaps!). For the most part, it is  a thoughtful psychological analysis of how certain events, people and instances can effect the human psyche from childhood through into adulthood and up until self-discovery.

In truth, the human mind is the antagonist of the novel and it is the only ‘character’ that receives heavy handed treatment by me. And so, I am going to stop worrying, continue on and focus on getting my re-editing done over the next few months instead of worrying about things that are not relevant right now, and may not ever be.

Truth can sometimes be stranger and that is why it is so important for creative writers to embrace it, don’t you think?


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