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The Eleventh Hour

2 May

Elliott turned away from her and walked out of the room. Kate bit her lip and then shook her head from the inside. His presence hung on in the air of the room afterwards, shadowing her thoughts. How was he able to pull the air from her chest just by looking at her?

Elliott’s frustration quickened his step up through the dark streets. Flashes of blonde hair and the soft smell of her perfume clouded his mind. The pull towards her essence disarmed him every time he looked at her. Tonight had been no different to all the other times that were slowly driving him crazy.

Days later, Kate opened the door and met his determined stare. He wanted to be sure, beyond any doubt, that she knew. Standing silently, he reached out and took her hand in his, entwined their fingers and clasped their hands together tightly. She held his breath in hers and their eyes found the souls. Then, dropping his stare to the ground, he let go. Melancholy washed over her as she watched him walk away. ‘Elliott….wait’ she screamed in her head. He never looked back.

‘Who was that at the door?’

‘Just Elliott’

‘Is he not coming in?’

‘No, he was just checking if there are ribbons for his car’

‘Well hurry up Missy, in two hours you’ll be Ms. Simon Blake!’ Her mother busied around the kitchen.

‘I can’t do this Elliott.’ She wasn’t even sure he’d reply to her text.

‘Neither can I Kate?’



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