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Love Poem v.1

7 Dec

A shadow sits across my heart, a light has lost its glow
An echo deep within my soul, lies restless on my spirit
Silence fills wasted time on thoughts that could be aired
Tears move a tired heart, that know mistakes have been made

Reminders flash when least expected, all my senses feel the wave
A song, a word, a book, a sock, all scream your name at me

Distance grows as you drift away, I try to cling the line
Your face is clear, your presence waned, your essence miles away.

I wake alone, no warmth at my feet, no back to rest my head
The taste of your skin, the curl of your hair, the way you stroked my thigh
Deep dreams –  wake my sleeping being, your eyes were wild in mine
Breaths drew deep and desires rise, I wanted you close to me

My body moves to sync with yours, but in vain with empty space
My back arches, from the bed, to meet your missing touch
Hunger curls my body tight, my hand reaches out for yours
Stillness stirs as reality dawns, my body screams out for yours

My sleeping beauty, now sleeps, far away from me
What magic potion will take me there, for love not knows the way


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