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Creativity Unplugged

9 Jul

So I disappeared there for a few weeks, a sort of virtual holiday in ways brought on by the unexpected explosion of my trusty laptop and its motherboard about three weeks ago. Like losing your cell phone, being without a laptop was a shock to my on-line system and once the scramble to retrieve data from back-up systems was completed I breathed a sigh of relief and decided to unplug myself for a few weeks to de-technolog-ize myself, if you will!

Without my laptop, I realised how much time I spent glued to it – writing, browsing, tweeting, blogging, designing, tumbling, viewing……I never went anywhere without it. So how did I manage?

– I read books – ‘New York’ by Edward Rutherford and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ (again!)

– I watched close to 30 DVD’s – old classics, much loved stories and a few new ones people recommended – the last one I watched was The Piano, others included Schindler’s List, Pride & Prejudice, Mean Streets, Atonement, Casablanca, Sabrina, Magnolia, Avatar, Dog Day Afternoon ……it’s amazing what friends have tucked away in their cupboards that you can borrow!

– I bought newspapers and read them with my morning coffee and carried them with me throughout the day – I felt very twee, holding a newspaper instead of reading on-line on my laptop or iphone.

– I bought a drawing notebook and teased out further structure options for my book, working in colours and story maps, scrunching up papers and tossing them over my shoulder and starting again. ‘Delete’ not an option in hard copy and I had forgot the joy and creativity of that!

– I visited friends and talked, drank tea, drank wine and even went to an outdoor gig in my wellies and raincoat!

But now I am back, well almost – my new laptop arrives later this week and I will be back to my usual routine following my joyful hiatus – hope I didn;t miss much!!





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