Nature Revisited

29 May

(Image via here)

So we’ve had beautiful sunny weather in Ireland for five days straight now…and everyone has abandoned the normal running of things!! Sunny weather seems to turn us Irish into happy, positive, optimistic folk, the heat and brightness ridding us of dreary pessimism until the last drop of sun disappears from the (is that a blue?) sky.

So I decided to fully embrace the ‘good weather’ and took  off on a road trip to the south coast of Ireland with my mum and my sister. We had a picnic  on the beach, which I don’t think I’ve done in Ireland since I was a child – flasks of tea, sandwiches and sunscreen. Despite the wind, we stuck it out and bravely managed to get knee-deep into the trashing Irish Atlantic Sea. I also saw some of the most stunning Irish coast line along the Copper Coast Geo-park and stood on the breath-taking Kilfarrasy Beach (some fab photos here from an Irish photographer Noel Browne). Ireland, I thought, really is absolutely stunning. In fact, the world is a stunning place, so full and beauty and draw-dropping sights that it really does put life and things in perspective.

Back to reality today (although it is still sunny) I kind of feel like I have gone back in time slightly over the past 4 days. Seeking out the simple pleasures of feet in sand on a beach, feeling the salty fresh air blow i n my face from a cliff-top over the wild sea below have reminded me of two things — the crazy stressful life I lived up until late last year and how it is so easy to forget to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

Holidays are something that have been completely missing from my life for 4 years — I was a wound up worry-merchant, fretting constantly about the stresses of life and where I fitted into things on a grand scale. I didn’t know how to relax, to unwind and although I still struggle with those things, I have started to become much better at it in 2012  and this past weekend has solidified how important it is it ‘switch off’, have a giggle and take time out to savor the world around you.

Maybe the sun has gone to my head– but despite all the things that are wrong, the sliver of happiness inside seems to be finally losing some of its shyness. And thanks to the Waterford coast and its stunning natural beauty for that.

Maybe things will be ok?


6 Responses to “Nature Revisited”

  1. niealaii May 29, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    Ahh it makes me miss ireland so much!! Anyway Ive decided to follow your blog 🙂 Maybe you’d like to follow mine? Happy Tuesday!!

  2. mskatykins May 30, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    Things will definitely be okay! 🙂 Good news that you took a holiday, it will have done you no end of good! (That sounds like an oxymoron… or just a really poorly phrased sentence!) Are you still up for swapping? 🙂

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