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This day 12 months ago, I was here, kissing stingrays…

9 May




This time last year, I was here, swimming with stingrays. Beautiful, isn’t it? I took a boat trip with Captain Marvin out to North Sound on Grand Cayman to swim with the elusive stingrays – if you kiss one, it brings luck or something he told me.  So much has changed since that day and my life is now on a completely different path. I sat on the boat that morning about 10am, allowing my senses to drink in the pristine view around me; crystal azure sea water lapping at the boat’s bow, the salty breeze dancing through the air and the pale yellow sun overhead warming my face and shoulders.  I thought about how finally my life had taken a turn in a good direction and that things were ‘finally on the up’.  It was a calm, fuzzy feeling that I have heard some people describe as being that of  ‘happy’! I took this photo so that I would remember that day forever.

Scroll on to today, I am living in a city I am unsure if I will like. It has rained non-stop since I got here. I don’t have a place to live, apart from my friend’s house; I have no job, no money and my friends and family are 2-3 hours away.  If I had met a mad old fortune-teller on that day with the stingrays who told me that in twelve months time, this is where I would be, I would have shooed her away with the back of my hand and flounced off in the direction of the leafy veranda at my colonial style hotel.

So how does one go from stingray swimming in the Caribbean whilst brimming with hopes and dreams of a new, exciting life ahead, to a complete start-over, where you keep an eye out to see if the local food stores have started accepting buttons yet? I think the elliptical statement ‘new job gone bad’ is suffice a mention to that subject! And despite my melancholic tinged nostalgia today while thinking back to the dreams, visions and hopes I had that day with the stingrays, I am much more at ease with my redefined sense of the future, despite now being both jobless and penniless.

I feel more like ‘me and I’ today; this is a brief statement yes, yet it’s heavily weighted with both clarity and self acceptance of the kind I could not have hoped to have 12 months ago.  That path, which started with the stingrays in Grand Cayman was fraught with so many obstacles, so much stress and insomnia that by September last year, I realised I may have taken the wrong path and the entire affair ended unceremoniously in November.

And that’s when I finally picked up a pen and began to write my book and the story I wanted to tell.

I may not be in the Caribbean today, but at least my life boat is now in the right sea.


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